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Tuesday 23 October, 2018, 12:06 pm

Prakash Raj Salam to the Judges

NEW DELHI: Actor Prakash raj defended the appeal of four senior judges to the Supreme Court's Chief Justice's working procedure. 'Honorable Judge Salam Salam. Some do not make sense. The Justice Lokya case from the Aadhaar case to the center of the sight of not seeing the mouth tries, "tweeted. Prasoula also referred to the plea of ​​Justice Chalameshwar on Friday, saying that the future of the country will come forward to see that the Supreme Court is not doing the right way.

On the other hand the Supreme Court Bar Association met. The Supreme Court discussed the issue of four senior judges to the chief judge. Key judgments were made regarding the comments of four judges. A Supreme Court bench headed by the CJI should consider the differences of senior judges. All the boys were examined by the judges in the chief judge or collegium. On the 15th of this month, the children had to be transferred from different bengals to the bench of judges of the Collegium. The Chief Justice said that the Bar Association was ready to discuss with other judges.

Bar Association Association President Vikas Singh said that the four Supreme Court judges yesterday raised their proposals to the Chief Justice. If he responds positively, he will hold talks with the four judges. Vikas Singh said, "If a positive response comes from both sides, we will try to resolve the issue and resolve the issue. On the other hand, the Bar Council of India has also set up a seven-member committee to resolve the issue. The committee chairman Mann Kumar Mishra said that the committee will discuss the matter with the Supreme Court and resolve the matter as soon as possible. Mishra believes it is unfortunate to give Rahul Gandhi the opportunity to give political leaders the opportunity to talk about our judiciary

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