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Saturday 20 October, 2018, 11:58 pm

Priests blessings to Chandrababu on New Year

AMARAVATI: The eldest of those who do not stand on the saying are those who say that the names of Chandra Babu are the ones that they are looking for. Our head is always ready for some stain. However, one thing to tell the people is that he does something else.

New Year Special poojalil Neewiyar nothing is not our celebration. It is not to mention that it does not need to be done specially. The grand puja is not necessary to do the gutra. But how did it begin?

Someone looked up and looked like a few years ago.

In contrast to the governments that do not care about such things, Babu Sarkar has shown that this is not necessary to be done on the New Year day. The government intervened to go to the church. It was not our festivals, but they came back to somebody because they said it was a festive season.

Chandrababu, who has influenced millions of people, came to him when he came home and made many blessings to get rid of the pundits. Babu said that I did not call myself. If you get home, tell the people of the country. I'm not going to take it Is not the decision I'm going to follow as the constitutional leader? To send home to the pundits who come home and ask him to take a wife and sit beside him?

Mentions follow me all .. I'm not as bad as many people are wrong. If the millions do not trust their word and go to the temple without believing in their word. Babu is a good thing for social media to get the blessing

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