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Pumped-up BJP may go for early polls in Gujarat

New Delhi: Charged by the unprecedented and historic electoral victory in the high-stakes Uttar Pradesh polls, the BJP has decided not to let the moment slip away.

The party leadership is all set to advance the Gujarat polls, which are otherwise due to be held in December this year. The BJP is looking at the option of holding the Assembly polls in Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s home state by June this year, sources said.

BJP president Amit Shah, who has emerged as the “most successful” BJP chief ever, has yet again set up a goal and this time his mission statement is: “UP mein 325, Gujarat mein 150”. The Gujarat Assembly has a strength of 182, in which the BJP now has 123 seats.

The BJP’s mascot in Gujarat will again be none other than Mr Modi himself. The mission statement is likely to be accompanied by pictures of Mr Modi along with that of Mr Shah.

Party strategists feel there “is a wave” in favour of the Prime Minister and that the BJP needs to cash in on it. The party is aware of the “mistake” it made by delaying the elections in Delhi, a BJP leader said.

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