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Rajamouli Late To Chandrababu's Meeting

SS Rajamouli has met AP CM Chandrababu Naidu today in Amaravati. The duo discussed for 30 minutes over Amaravati designs provided by Norman Fosters. Apparently, Chandrababu Naidu sought Rajamouli's inputs, suggestions on the changes in the designs.

Naidu wanted our culture, heritage and ethos should reflect in the final design at the same time he also wanted them to look modern. For this, Chandrababu has asked Rajamouli to help Municipal Minister P. Narayana and CRDA (Captial Region Development Authority).

As per Naidu's directions, Rajamouli has given his consent to go to London in October 1st week along with Minister Narayana and CRDA officials.

Rajamouli was late to Chandrababu's meeting due to delay in the former's flight. This had cut short their meeting to 30 minutes as CM has scheduled meeting with the district collectors. Rajamouli said that he would have a detailed discussion with the CM in the afternoon today.

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