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Reasons behind YS family losing in Kadapa after 40 Years

Kadapa is a strong hold for YSR family, since forty years and they never lost any election, right from the Sarpanch elections, till MP elections, in all these decades. But now, for the first time in four decades, YSR family faced defeat in the recently held MLC election. YSRCP had 390 members, while TDP was having 450 members support, but YSRCP was confident of victory, as it hoped that there will be a cross voting. But it faced huge shock, with the defeat in this election.

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Gang Rape,Young girl,chittoor District

దాచేపల్లి కంటే ఘోరం..బాలికపై ఐదుగురి రేప్..

ఆంధ్రప్రదేశ్ లో మొన్నటికి మొన్న చోటుచేసుకున్న దాచేపల్లి అత్యాచార ఘటన మరి...