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Sahasra Chandi Yagam begins at Warangal Bhadrakali Temple

Sahasra Chandi Yagam has begun, early this morning, at Goddess Bhadrakali Temple, in Warangal. Special worship was conducted amidst Vedic hymns, by hundreds of devotees at the temple. The priests said that Sahasra Chandi Yagam will be performed for five days, with a 100 priests, for rains and good crop yeild. This will ensure prosperity of the people, they said. The Goddess, when worshipped in the form of Chandi, will instantly grant any wish, the priests believed. They said that hymns from all the four Vedas will be chanted during the yagam.  

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బెజవాడలో రెచ్చిపోతున్న బైక్‌ రేసర్లు

విజయవాడ: విజయవాడలో బైక్‌ రేసర్లు రెచ్చిపోతున్నారు. అర్థరాత్రివేళ మితిమీర...