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Sania Mirza divorcing Shoaib Malik ?

Sania Mirza divorcing Shoaib Malik, Sania Mirza and Shoaib Malik divorce, Shoaib Malik to divorce Sania Mirza

Imran Mirza, Father of the most celebrated Tennis player of Hyderabad Sania Mirza, has fervently denied the recent rumour published in a magazine that Sania is about to broke up the relationship with Shoaib Malik, a Pakistani cricketer.

The said magazine has published the news that the nuptials now turned to be in a crux and leading for the splintering of the relationship, which has already completed more than four years.  

Shoaib’s lacklustre cricket career was one of the reasons behind the alleged differences and that many influential people, who were involved in the union, were making last ditch efforts to bring about a compromise, added the magazine news. However, Sania’s father, Imran Mirza has falsified the news as a mere rumour.

“Yes, I heard about the article. It is absolute nonsense. My daughter and her husband were together at the Australian Open and the US Open. Just because they aren’t spotted together by the media, doesn’t mean there is something wrong with their marriage,” Imran said.

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