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Monday 19 November, 2018, 1:55 pm

Senior YSRC leader B Gurunath Reddy ready to shift loyalties to TD

ANANTAPUR: Senior YSRC leader and former MLA B. Gurunath Reddy is all set to join the Telugu Desam with line seems cleared for shifting loyalties by Kurnool MP Butta Renuka. The family of the former MLA has close ties with YSR family. His brother B. Narayana Reddy was elected legislator three times during the Congress regime. Mr Narayana Reddy was the only legislator during group rivalry in the party in the district where all  the other legislators were under Kotla group for many years.

The YSRC high command has allegedly ignored Mr Gurunath Reddy and his family members in the Anantapur urban politics for the past one year as the former MLA was not taking part in party activities. The party meeting on Monday created an embarrassing situation for the party district in-charge and Rajampet MP P. Mithun Reddy when many of Mr Gurunath Reddy's followers created a scene smashing chairs and furniture. They shouted slogans favouring Gurunath Reddy and alleged that the party was neglecting their leader.

Meanwhile, speculation were rife over candidature of Nadeem Ahmed for urban constituency in the coming polls from the YSRC. “We have clear indication of denying party  ticket to Mr Gurunath Reddy,” a senior leader observed.

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