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Sharad Yadav camp to move Election Commission against ‘hasty order’

NEW DELHI: JDU rebel leader Sharad Yadav will move the Election Commission afresh against its Tuesday order that rejected his camp’s claim over JDU and the party symbol. The EC had rejected the petition by citing that petitioner Jawed Raza had not signed the petition and submitted evidences to back his claim.

Yadav said on Wednesday that he had received notice from Rajya Sabha authorities on Nitish camp’s petition seeking his disqualification and he will reply to it. “I will continue with my fight for constitutional principles even if it meant hurting me,” he said. Yadav will preside over another combined Opposition programme in Jaipur on Thursday.

The Yadav faction’s legal team will now move EC arguing it’s Tuesday’s order did not follow norms of giving notices to the petitioner — as were done in the cases of recent symbol disputes cases involving AIADAMK and SP factions — to furnish evidences to substantiate claims to the party and its symbol. “Our  petition indeed was duly signed by the lawyer and had also attached a vakalatnama as is the practice. Along with that, an affidavit signed by petitioner Jawed Raza too was submitted. So there is nothing to say our petition was not in order. We will bring it to EC’s notice and will urge it to reverse its earlier haste order,” a legal aide of Yadav said.

“I am being targeted in the pretext that I attended the Patna rally. It was the same place where the Mahagadbabbdhan rally was held and we made promises to people...While I am correctly following people’s mandate, the other group indulged in anti-apartheid activities and abandoned the party line,” Yadav told a news conference in New Delhi.

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