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Friday 23 February, 2018, 9:56 am

Shocking Experience for Minister in Telangana Bhavan

Recently, A Telangana Minister went to New Delhi to receive an Award on behalf of the State Government. He reached Telangana Bhavan at around 11 PM & the guy who picked up him at the airport disappeared soon after dropping. Much to his shock, Protocol Staff wasn't present at Telangana Bhavan by the he arrived.

The Minister went to the Room allotted to him in Swarnamukhi Block. He asked the helper to bring dinner for him. Without knowing with whom he is speaking to, The Helper told Minister that food can't be served in the room and one has to reach the nearby hotel to get something to eat. Minister was shell shocked with the kind of treatment meted out to him.

At that time, Staff of Andhra Bhavan recognized the Telangana Minister and rushed to the canteen to bring food for him. The Minister lodged a complaint with JDA soon after reaching Hyderabad for negligence shown towards him in Telangana Bhavan. Subsequently, Measures have been taken to sack the person responsible for it.

Andhra Bhavan Staff deserves credit for treating Telangana Minister so well in the need of the hour. They have set a good precedent with their gesture.

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