Show KCR Stole Rahul Gandhi's Thunder

There is none cleverer than KCR when it comes to grabbing headlines and robbing others of limelight. See what he has done to AICC chief Rahul Gandhi.

Normally, when Rahul comes to town, it has to be banner news. KCR knows that media will give more space and coverage to him. It would hit his image someway or the other. So, foxy KCR called for an emergency meeting of the TRS leaders exactly at a time when Rahul has landed in Hyderabad. What more, he dropped hints that he is declaring the candidates in September itself and that his party was poll-ready. Naturally this is a spicier and meatier news and every media house will lap this up. Thus, he has effectively ensured that media focus stays on him and not on Rahul Gandhi.

Not just that, he had also given full page jacket cover ads in all newspapers announcing two important schemes. Interestingly, the schemes would be inaugurated two days from now. But, he timed the ads in such a way that every newspaper is awash with TRS's Pink. Everyone who reads the newspaper, will see TRS, Pink and KCR on Page 1, 2 and 3. Then, the banner story will be TRS meet. Thus, Rahul Gandhi news is effectively pushed to the inside pages.

Now, that's KCR! No one can beat him in garnering limelight.
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