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Tuesday 23 January, 2018, 3:06 am

South Delhi Woman Stabbed 10 Times Allegedly By Recently Hired Help

NEW DELHI: An elderly woman is in a critical condition after she was stabbed 10 times allegedly by her help inside her home in south Delhi yesterday. The 23-year-old help, Tulsi, has been arrested.

Neerja Gupta, who lives in a second floor apartment in Greater Kailash, has been severely wounded. She tried to defend herself using the same knife, the police said on Friday.

The help, hired recently, had allegedly demanded Rs. 5 lakh from her employer.

After attacking Ms Gupta, she allegedly took an auto, went to Khanpur around half-an-hour away and called the police claiming she had been robbed and attacked with a knife.

Ms Gupta is being treated at the AIIMS hospital's trauma center.

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