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Special Training Programme for Govt Teachers on CCE

With an 8 percent decline in the success rate in the recently announced SSC results, the Telangana government is planning to conduct a special training programme for government teachers on the newly-introduced Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) system. According to a recent proposal by the School Education Department, specially trained subject experts will conduct training sessions for government teachers on CCE to raise awareness on the new system. The school education department, which came under fire after a huge number of students failed in Mathematics and Physics, was also blamed for introducing CCE in the middle of the academic year. Parents, who staged a protest asking for grace marks for failed students alleged that, even the teachers were not aware of the CCE system, subsequently the evaluation was not done properly. Though the state government did not take a decision on adding grace marks yet, it has already began efforts to reform teacher training.

According to a senior official in the school education department, the government wants to train selected teachers as subject experts and send them to district centers to train more teachers. The government has already invited applications from interested teachers to participate in the training sessions. They will be trained by the State Council of Education Research and Training (SCERT). While announcing the SSC results, Telangana deputy chief minister Kadiyam Srihari on May 17, said the teacher training programme will be completely changed and new training modules will be prepared. However, the SCERT officials said, so far no directions have been received from the government in this regard. “As of now, no changes have been proposed in the teacher training module. The training sessions will be held as per the existing system,” said S Jagannath Reddy, Director, SCERT. He also urged private schools to conduct similar training sessions for their faculty members. Very few of them had attended training sessions in the previous academic year, he added.


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