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Thursday 18 October, 2018, 1:08 am

Survey on Social Media Gives Sleepless Nights to YSRCP

A survey report doing rounds in Social Media is sending jitters down the spine of Opposition YSR Congress Party and its cadre. The survey indicates that TDP is going to better its tally of 2014 and will retain the power in 2019 elections. According to it, TDP will get 139 seats with 57% Vote Share while YSR Congress will manage to get just 28 seats with 24% Vote Share.

The new entrant, Janasena will be able to manage just 10% Vote Share and win 9 seats across the state. Shockingly, YSR Congress is losing its hold on Rayalaseema, its strongest area. The party will just manage 10 seats there.

TDP is likely to maintain its hold even on Jagan’s bastion Kadapa. TDP will be winning seven out of the 10 seats in the district. According to the survey, there is no single district where YSR Congress gets a better number of seats than TDP.

On the other side, Janasena will be opening its account only in six districts with East Godavari giving it the highest of three seats. If this survey turns out to be true, it will be a virtual drubbing for YSR Congress in 2019.

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