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TDP controles bhuma akhila priya decissions

It was almost confirmed that the Telugu Desam Party will be nominating yet another candidate from Bhuma family for the Nandyal assembly by-elections. Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu seems to  consider Bhuma Bhramananda Reddy as his candidate.

Last week, Tourism Minister Bhuma Akhila Priya said that on 24th April which is the third death anniversary of her mother Shoba Nagireddy, the name of the candidate will be announced as a news to the public.
However as per the latest reports, the TDP leadership asked Akhila Priya not to disclose the name and correlate the Allagadda meeting to the death anniversary.After this Bhuma Akhila  abided to the request and said that after discussing with the CM the name of the candidate will be revealed.
Bhramananda Reddy is the nephew of Nagi Reddy. His father Shekar Reddy was ex-MLA. Bhramananda Reddy has been  seen actively  participating in political affairs for some time now and firmly supported the late Bhuma couple. Lets check if Naidu works in his favour.

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