TDP Supporters Troll Pawan Kalyan

VIJAYAWADA: The other day, An Artist alleged Pawan Kalyan want Bengali Girls for offering him massage. Taking advantage of it, TDP Supporters have been trolling the Actor-turned-Politician.

Pawan Kalyan told he came to know from somebody that Nara Lokesh is corrupt. When proofs where sought, Jana Sena Chief went on to say it's an open secret and even questioned will anybody offer receipt after accepting bribe.

Now, TDP Supporters on Social Media troll Pawan Kalyan by saying Nara Lokesh would organize a public meeting and pass the comment, 'Pawan Kalyan...I came to know from a woman that you need Bengali Girls for massage'.

Tomorrow, Some other Artist might make similar allegation against Nandamuri Heroes or those Actors who back the Ruling Party despite not having any evidence. Is that okay for TDP Supporters?

TDP & Jana Sena Leaders and their Supporters have been slinging mud against each other since a month. Eventually, These developments would benefit YSR Congress Party and it's leader YS Jagan who is only focussing on knowing about people's issues using Padayatra.
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