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Friday 21 September, 2018, 8:36 am

Telangana’s First Girijan Female Pilot From Manchiryal

Ajmira Babi, Telangana's first girijan girl to become pilot, shared her success story in a recent interview with BBC. A native of Manchiryal, Babi is a graduate in Sociology and Human Resources and has an MBA.

When I first visited an airport, I was fascinated by the ambience and decided that I wanted to work in airspace, she said. Since none of my family friends are in this field, it was a tough journey for me, Babi said. Traditionally, girls are encouraged to pursue careers in professions like teaching and medicine, but I always had different plans, she added.

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After finishing her MBA, Babi was selected as an Air Hostess by a private airlines. While working as Air Hostess, she was selected for pilot training.

"When I first flew in the air, it was scary and surreal at the same time. There were many challenges during the training. I went through all of them with grit and conviction," the Pilot said.

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