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Wednesday 21 November, 2018, 10:43 pm

TG - A Mad Fellow Who Talks Rubbish!

The other day, TDP MP TG Venkatesh dared to say Seemandhrites settled in Hyderabad won't vote for TRS if Telangana CM KCR doesn't join hands with his AP Counterpart Chandrababu Naidu when it comes to Special Category Status. This statement invited the wrath of the Ruling Party Leaders in Telangana.

TRS MP K Kesava Rao breathed fire on TG Venkatesh by describing him as a mad fellow. He went on to say people were aware of how TG behaved during the Telangana Movement. 'TG spoke against Telangana during the movement and later he came to touch our feet,' he said.

Home Minister Nayini Narasimha Reddy opined there is no need to take the comments of TG seriously as he just talks rubbish. 'Either TRS or KCR ever opposed Special Status for AP?,' he questioned.

TRS MLC Karne Prabhakar recalled KCR asking Centre to clarify when it would accord Special Status or not for AP. He reminded TRS MP Kavitha speaking in favour of AP Special Status in the Parliament.

The manner in which TRS Topbrass Leaders responded to the comments of TG Venkatesh gave an indication that KCR & Co. pinned lot of hopes on Seemandhra Settlers in Hyderabad for 2019 Polls.

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