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Touch Me If You Can: JC's Challenge

JC Diwakar Reddy slammed YS Jaganmohan Reddy and YCP MLA Sreekanth Reddy during the public meeting in Pulivendula Today. 'All the people in Pulivendula belong to Reddy Community. Nobody voted for TDP in 2014. All of you should vote for TDP which brought Krishna Waters to Pulivendula with Paidipalem Project,' he appealed.

As YCP Leaders found fault with the TDP MP addressing Jagan as 'Maa Vadu', JC said he will address YCP Chief as 'Srimaan Jagan' from now. He blasted Jagan for opposing Pattiseema project.

The Anantapur MP questioned Jagan why he is fielding candidates against Reddy Leaders like him in elections if he cares for the welfare of his Community. 'Had if Jagan doesn't field candidates against Reddy's, I myself would chant Jai Jai Reddlu'.

JC asked Sreekanth Reddy if he is really capable of slitting his tongue. Responding to the YCP MLA calling him Johnny Walker Reddy, The MP clarified he doesn't consume alcohol at all. 'Evadra Vadu Sreekanth Reddy? Naa Naluka Kosthada? Arey Nee Oorike Vastha. Dammunte Nannu Touch Chey Chalu,' he challenged.

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