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Training programme held for district officials

District Collector Sarfaraz Ahmed directed the officials to use their skills, learnt during training programme, to solve public issues intelligently and skilfully.

A one-day training programme was held for higher officials of the district administration of both Karimnagar and Rajanna Sircilla districts on ‘Re-Orientation and Capacity Building in the context of Telangana’. 

The Planning Department had organised the programme in association with Dr Marri Chenna Reddy Human Rights Development (Dr MCR HRD) Institute at the Collectorate auditorium in Karimnagar on Thursday. The training programme was held from morning to evening on the day.

Addressing the officials at the programme, Karimnagar district Collector Sarfaraz Ahmed said “In the context of districts reorganisation in Telangana State, this one-day training programme will be highly useful to the officials for designing various programmes and systems along with solving public issues, which the officials face from village to mandal level and from towns to city and also to overcome certain hurdles while discharging their duties.”

Sircilla district Collector D Krishna Bhaskar suggested the officials of district administration of both the districts to understand every subject with concentration explained by the experts at the training programme. They should implement the skills they learnt here for designing long lasting programmes along with improving the overall functioning of their respective departments.

Dr Goutham Phingley, Head of the Department of Centre for Telangana Studies of Dr MCR HRD Institute taught about ‘Modernisation of Telangana and Centre for Good Governance’ where as Additional Director of Economics Department Dr S Satyanarayana taught about Macro Economics, Sectoral Analysis, Demographic Dividend and Skill Development.

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