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TRS MLA Dharma Reddy's daughter duped of Rs 57 Lakh

TRS MLA Challa Dharma Reddy's daughter Manasa was duped of Rs 57 lakh by Koya pujaris in the name Graha Dosham pujas.

After getting acquainted with the TRS MLA's daughter, Koya pujaris Pastam Narsimha Raju and Vamshi of Karimabad in Hyderabad suggested her to perform some rituals in order to help his father become a Minister.

They even went on to assure Manasa that she herself would become an MLA with the pujas. Once she agreed, the pujaris kept on collecting money in huge amounts.

In the past one year, Manasa paid them Rs 57 lakh on different occasions. After months of no result, she informed the family. Her father-in-law Shamreddy Balreddy filed a complaint with the police who are investigating the case.

Dharma Reddy, on the other hand asserted that his daughter performed all the pujas for his health and not for any Ministry post.

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