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TRS Plenary meet closing speech by CM KCR

In his closing speech in TRS Plenary Meet KCR said now Telangana govt will concentrate on the welfare of party members after discussing with ministers as party membership reached 75,00,000. He thanked all the members for electing him as party president again unanimously. He said state treasury emptied during Congress and TDP ruling. He also told about sand mafia occurred in Congress government. He said action will be taken on companies selling adulterated seeds. With regard to successful arrangements of Plenary Meetings he thanked all those who contributed their services for making it a grand success. 

Telugu Politics

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కామం తీర్చుకునేందుకే తలాక్: మంత్రి వ్యాఖ్య

ట్రిపుల్ తలాక్ పై ఉత్తర్ ప్రదేశ్ మంత్రి ఒకరు వివాదాస్పద వ్యాఖ్యలు చేశారు. ...