Tug Of War Between Chinarajappa And Boddu

The war of words between AP Home minister Chinarajappa and Boddu Bhaskara Ramarao has become a hot topic in the political circles.  It is known that  Boddu has become a rival for Chinarajappa in his own party and he is never leaving the chances to criticise the Home minister. As Boddu belongs to the same Peddapuram constituency, it has become an inconvenience for Chinarajappa.

Nimmakayala Chinarajappa is known for his open talk and he never tries to be diplomatic in his speech.  While speaking in a TV channel talk show, he referred to Metla Satyanarayana Rao, Boddu  Bhaskara Ramarao as his rivals and made a few comments against them.   Upset with the comments Buddu written an open letter slamming Chinarajappa.

He said that "Is this your culture to talk about me badly being the home minister of the state? You addressed me and the late. Metla Satyanarayana Rao singularly without giving any respect and said we are rivals to you.  How can you talk bad about a person who is no more?  You couldn't talk about Metla Satyanarayana Rao in your lifetime but you are talking about him now.  It is like spitting at the sky.   It is better to be a rival rather than friend to you who don't have culture."

Boddu challenged Chinarajappa that he is ready for an open debate to prove what they have done for the Peddapuram constituency.  Whatever be the case, the war of words between the two TDP leaders has grabbed the attention of everybody. Some people are saying that TDP chief is focusing more on wooing other party leaders into the TDP and ignoring internal fights.     

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