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Two Years jail for MLC indefinitely

CHITTOOR: Srinivasulu Reddy, Additional District Judicial Magistrate N.Lawaswamy, today said that he was sentenced to 10 years imprisonment for the murder of MLC Srinivasulu Reddy and 10 others in Chittoor, Nellore and Prakasam districts in the murder case.

On the 3rd of October 2011, VSF was inaugurated by the Tahsildar Rozmandam of Public Propagation for setting up an electricity industry in Ankalapatore in the mandate. Jesse Saurabh Gowar also attended the event. Many people taking a referendum were concerned against the electricity industry. As a result of the tension, many were attacked by the then Gudur town CI J Rambabu who was conducting Bandabhata. The chargesheet was filed against 143, 147, 148, 332, 447 and 290 IPC sections of the accused.

The magistrate sentenced a fine of Rs 4,700 to two years imprisonment for each conviction of accused in the case. In the case, Vijayakumar's other MLA, Yandavalli Srinivasulu Reddy, M.Rajesh Kumar, K. Balayya, Jasti Kishore, Teh Kotti Reddy, Katalika Venkateshwarar, CHH Anjareddy, V. Venkataramanyiah, Chhh Nagaraju, G Ramakrishnaiah and Kavi Krishnaiah have been killed in the case.

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