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Under Kavitha's Pressure, KCR Suddenly Goes To Delhi

Under pressure from daughter and Nizamabad MP Kalvakuntla Kavitha, Telangana Chief Minister KCR has rushed to New Delhi to lobby for Cabinet berth in Modi's team for his daughter. KCR is reportedly holding talks with the top brass of BJP and is trying his best to woo BJP's national president Amit Shah.

KCR reportedly expressed his wish to join NDA and is expecting cabinet berth for Kavitha amidst Modi's cabinet reshuffle. Since Kavitha is young and a woman, KCR and TRS believe, chances are high for Kavitha if Amith Shah & Modi give nod for TRS to join NDA.

However, KCR's disrespectful comments on Modi during 2014 polls and later may go against him. Apparently, speculations have it that KCR is not in good books of Modi.

At the same time, BJP and NDA is in a comfortable position right now. BJP itself has a complete majority to rule the government. On other hand, there is immense pressure on BJP from NDA parties such as TDP for more cabinet berths. Amidst this, KCR's dream of making Kavitha as Union Minister looks difficult. But KCR is leaving no leaf unturned to make Kavitha as Minister.

It needs to be seen whether KCR could win Amit Shah & Modi.

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