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Wednesday 22 August, 2018, 8:11 am

Users Sadism On $exual Assault Victims in WhatsApp

Not just Blue Whale game that will hurt youths, but many disturbing trends go on social media which spoil the mindsets of these youngsters forever. One such thing is the curiosity of people participating in WhatsApp groups who have this immense curiosity about sexual assault victims.

During the times of Delhi Nirbhaya gang rape incident, many people are eager to find the name of the rape-victim and also her photo along with boyfriend's picture. Those who had come to know the name are anxious to share it the name and picture with all, especially in Whatsapp groups.

Same was the case when Dera Sacha Soudha's Ram Rahim Baba was sentenced by the court, as everyone started searching for the name and photograph of the victim who has fought with him such a long legal battle. Now, a photo and name along with other detail are being shared everywhere, though they add the tag line that she's a brave girl who faced Baba in court.

This development is mainly on Whatsapp but not on social media, because people want this data in their chat box while putting such videos and pictures on social media might lead to police cases and legal issues.

Most recently, when police arrested an Engineering student in Odisha who has reportedly streamed his sex session with girlfriend live on Instagram, people started searching for the video. And those who got hold of it, are busy sharing it on Whatsapp. Is this not a form of sadism to find more about the victim?

Now ask, how many people know the sections under which the culprits involved in Delhi Nirbhaya Rape Case are convicted. Ask them to utter the names of those beasts that ended a girl's life forever. Definitely 90% of them didn't have any answers. But ask them if they have seen the picture of the assault victim and also if they know her name? Yes, they might have.

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