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Victims were helpful, brave, say relatives :Hyderabad

Hyderabad: Relatives remember K. Lakshmi, who committed suicide along with her daughter and her nephew, as a helpful woman.

Her niece Manjula, who was recently married, said Lakshmi was of great help to them. Prabhakar Reddy’s cousins said that he was a courageous person and his family had no financial problems. He was the eldest in his family.

Ms Manjula, lecturer in a private college in the city, said that since they resided in the neighborhood, she would call her aunt twice every day. She has spoken to her on Monday morning, but could not call in the evening as she had gone to a function with her husband, Sridhar.

“When we returned home, there was calls from Dinesh’s number,” she said, referring to Lakshmi’s son. “Since it was late we did not call him but called Lakshmi, but the phone was switched off. In the morning we woke to the news of her death,” said Sridhar.

He said they had taken a house in the area because of Lakshmi. “Whenever there was any need, she was always ready to help us. She was a great motivating force,” he said.

Sridhar said Prabhakar Reddy was a jovial and brave person.

Prabhakar had two siblings Dayakar Reddy, who was running a poultry in their village along with their father, and a married sister who stays in Manikonda.

“Even if Prabhakar Reddy had debts, his family could have helped him out. He and his wife were from well settled families. He is not a person who would commit suicide for such reasons. There should be a much stronger reason,” said another relative.

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