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Tuesday 23 October, 2018, 6:29 pm

Villagers block breach, save lives and paddy

ANANTAPUR: Timely action by villagers prevented an ugly drama from unfolding on Tuesday afternoon at the BT project in Gummagatta mandal. According to reports, a breach occurred at the bund of BT project in the district on Monday night. Farmers, fishermen and locals, however, identified the breach point and placed sand bags to block the breach and ensure the breach does not lead to any harm.

The project received water after three decades and farmers were overjoyed to take up paddy under the project after a long gap. The breach, meanwhile, created a scare among residents of low-lying villages of the BT project. They feared that the water would submerge residential areas following the breach. However, the farmers managed to arrest water after identifying the breach point. Irrigation and revenue authorities rushed to the spot and monitored the situation.

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