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Virat Kohli deserves Life Ban and Jail Term

Controversial actor-cum-critic Kamaal R Khan made sensational allegations against Team India and BCCI after the defeat in ICC Champions Trophy 2017 final.

Firstly, KRK wants Centre to revoke recognition of BCCI which according to him is fooling 130 crore Indians by fixing matches for making crores. He feels Indian skipper Virat Kohli deserves life ban & jail term for placing the pride of Indians for sale.

Not just Kohli, KRK demands ban on all the other Team India cricketers from playing cricket for life time. He tagged Kohli, Dhoni, Yuvraj in his Tweets while describing them as fixers.

Recalling that Shahrukh Khan told that Hardik Pandya will play well ahead of the final, KRK questioned, 'How could Bollywood Baadshah predict it exactly if the match wasn't fixed. Throw eggs and tomatoes on the cricketers when they reach home from England'.

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