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Watch: Foreign Model Woman Enters Temple Wearing 'Bikini' In Rajasthan

A shocking incident has been reported in Rajasthan that a Foreign Model Woman wearing Bikini was seen in Temple. Sources say that she is having a photo shoot at the temple premises in Rajasthan. This video of photoshoot went viral on social media and religious groups have been started voicing against the incident. According to the reports a complaint has been lodged against the photographing firm, the models who participated in the photoshoot and the Indian Authorities who gave permission for the photoshoot. "Action is yet to be taken" say the sources.

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విద్యార్థినిని లోబరుచుకోవాలనుకున్నాడు.. కుదరకపోయేసరికి.. ఏం చేశాడంటే?

యోభేదం లేకుండా మహిళలపై లైంగిక వేధింపులు, అత్యాచారాలు, హత్యలు జరుగుతూనే వు...