What Could Pawan Kalyan Gain From Panchayat Polls


High Court struck down the GO issued by TDP Government appointing Special Officials in Panchayat after the end of term of existing Sarpanches. Which indicates, Panchayat Polls will be happening in Andhra Pradesh within the next three months.

After the recent meeting with former Sarpanches, Pawan Kalyan challenged TDP Government to conduct Panchayat Polls if its really confident of retaining power in 2019. He told, 'They say our party doesn't have organizational structure. If Panchayat Polls were held, We will be able to show our true calibre'. Although the TDP Leadership didn't accept the challenge, Now it looks like Panchayat Polls before the General Elections looks inevitable.

Panchayat Polls will be a litmus test for Jana Sena Party. Either TDP or YCP winning maximum number of seats or votes won't be a big deal at all. Entire focus will be on how far Jana Sena will be able to compete and emerge as third alternative. It's an opportunity for Pawan Kalyan to prove his critics wrong. If he fails, Ultimately other two established parties will have every reason to celebrate.

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