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What Is This Chandrababu?

When YS Jagan asked people to vent their anger on Chandrababu Naidu with slippers, he was thoroughly rebuked by the ruling party leaders and political analysts for having used unparliamentary language.

But today, TDP MP JC Diwakar Reddy is using vulgar language against YS Jagan in the presence of the Chief Minister himself.

Instead of making an effort to curtail him, the Chief Minister is merely smiling and thereby prodding Diwakar Reddy on. This has happened twice now. How can the TDP lament over the language used by YS Jagan and then encourage something similar in a more extreme form?

Where will this lead to? And the sad part is that Diwakar Reddy would probably keep on at it until his brother is given a cabinet post or something. And the TDP will not give him one because they might fear that JC would stop his criticism after the post is given.

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