What's wrong in Pawan re-entry to movies?

What's wrong in Pawan re-entry to movies?

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After Agnyaathavaasi, Pawan Kalyan is far away from films, due to busy political schedule. If he completes one movie, he can get crores of rupees. Yet, he gave up on movies and came to politics for a change in the people and the society. Still, as an actor, he has a lot of craze, he can work in the movies along with the politics without any hesitation.

Whatever the reasons may be, he stepped back to the films. He had three movies in hand right now. At the same time, Pawan is receiving the negativity for this move in the politics. With Pawan's decision, JD has left the party, but millions of people welcome Pawan re-entry to the movies.

Mainly the Film industry is very happy with the Pawan decision. In past NTR has also acted in the movies even after becoming the CM. This move from Pawan of heading back to movies is appreciable.

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Movies plays a key role in society, they can deliver a strong message to the public.

Through in past, Vijaya Santhi's Karthavyam movie had motivated many women to become a Police officer. Movies has that much power to mould the audience mind. When NTR defeated in the elections, he worked for a movie Major Chandrakanth. These kinds of movies helped him and played a key role in making him CM again.

Acting in movies along the politics is not a crime, every political leader from the filmy background have done this before, and some are even doing this now. In this case, Pawan has taken a bold move of entering into the movies again, as he has almost four years for the next elections.

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