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Sunday 23 September, 2018, 3:14 am

When Renuka did a Shiva like chain fight!

Hyderabad: Firebrand and loud mouthed Congress spokesperson Renuka Choudhary is hated and loved for being a straight forward politician. The Congress leader who stoke a row with her laugh in the Rajya Sabha recently said that she literally thrashed a man with a bike chain during her college days.

Speaking to IDreams channel talk show Ms Renuka in her reply to question if men feared to go near her during her college days recalled that she rode bikes as a college goer and had once thrashed a man with bike chain.

The senior Congress leader said that since then people may have gotten the fear of Renuka. Renuka took down on social media comments in the recent times and said they are overboard and highly condemnable!    

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