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Who Is Encouraging Kathi Mahesh?

Hyderabad: What is the reason for Kathi Mahesh targeting only Pawan Kalyan for the last few months, when there were several other actors whose films have triggered controversies or failed at the box office and many others who failed to achieve success in politics?

Though Kathi Mahesh says he does not have any backing from any political party or any other media group, fans of Pawan Kalyan suspect that there is definitely some big force behind the film critic that is forcing him to target only the power star.

The criticism has attained a new high after Pawan has become a little active in politics, meeting people and fighting on issues, they say.

However, sources say Kathi Mahesh does not have any political agenda in targeting Pawan Kalyan, but definitely has the penchant for publicity.

Since there are no takers for him in film industry, he wants to become more popular by targeting film industry in the media circles.

He became a public figure after participating in the Bigg Boss-1 programme of Maa TV and subsequently, he has been constantly visible in the electronic media.

One particular channel, who has acknowledged the potential of kicking up controversies in Kathi Mahesh is learnt to be prompting him to attack Pawan Kalyan, because the latter has been in the public focus more than anybody else in the film industry, because of his Jana Sena Party.

And with fans of Pawan Kalyan reacting wildly, the channel has started cashing in on the social media war between Kathi Mahesh and Pawan fans.

As a result, it has become a daily affair to run stories on Kathi Mahesh and other channels, too, are forced to follow the trend to enhance their TRPs!
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