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Why Are There So Many Satyanarayana Vratams In Telangana Now?

Ingenious are the ways of the politicians. However hard the election commission may try to prevent illegal spending by the candidates, the candidates are coming up with several clever ways to escape election code on spending.  For instance, the parties are organizing friends get-togethers, where the candidate will attend and seek votes. There would be no party symbol or party flag at the meeting. For the outsiders, it is a general meeting and not a party meeting.

Similarly, a senior BJP leader in Hyderabad city is planning a Laksha Deepotsavam using Kartika Masam festivities as a pretext. He is also planning to invite Swami Paripurnananda for the programme. Since it is a religious programme, it will not invite the election commission's attention. Though Paripurnananda is a BJP leader, he is also a Swami. So, nobody can object. But, everyone knows that Laksha Deepotsavam is a pretext and the real purpose is electioneering.

Similarly, across the state, there is a sudden spurt in organizing Satyanarayana Vratams. The candidates are sponsoring vratams and the political leaders attend the function as friends or devotees. There, they will interact with the guests and seek votes. As part of Diwali festival, several leaders, including candidates, are sending sweet boxes to the voters with their party symbol. This will be seen as a friendly guesture and not a vote-seeking stratagem.Clever indeed on the part of the candidates!!
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