Will Chandrababu Use Cash For Vote Strategy To Win TRS MLAs?

When Revanth Reddy speaks it creates sensation. When Revanth Reddy does something, it will create controversies like the Cash for Vote scam. But, will Revanth ever speak or act without the nod from the Boss? No. And who is the boss? It's Chandrababu Naidu of couse. Whether he is in the TDP or in the Congress, it is always Chandrababu Naidu who is Revanth's boss. Remember he hasn€™t criticized Chandrababu Naidu even after joining the Congress.

When he said that several TRS leaders, including some MPs and some MLAs are ready to leave the TRS and join the Congress, it is not Revanth Reddy, but Chandrababu who is speaking. Chandrababu is making Revanth say these things, say political watchers. He has even named some MPs. The MPs have not denied these comments.

But, how will these MLAs and MPs leave the TRS and join the Congress? Simple. Use Chandrababu's know how and expertise. Yes. He is a past master in encouraging defections. He has done it with the YSRCP. He already has 22 MLAs from the YSRCP with him. Similarly, he has marshaled all his expertise in buying MLAs for MLC election in Telangana. It is another matter that this experiment failed and I beign seen as the architect of the Cash for vote scam. So, is Chandrababu planning to use this expertise to buy TRS leaders now and also after the election results are over on December 11? Well! The 'boss' has the money, material and expertise to lure MLAs and MPs into his fold. Now, will he do that the Congress in the event of no party getting a clear majority?
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