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Yes, I have Caste Feeling: JC Diwakar Reddy

JC Diwakar Reddy told he is expecting many more YSR Congress MLAs to join TDP after Nandyal by-poll and Kakinada municipal polls. He said Jagan hadn't changed much even after the poll debacle in 2014 and the language used by him is unacceptable.

The Anantapur MP claimed he didn't join YSR Congress as he is well aware of Jagan's attitude. 'Should I call Jagan, SIR?,' he asks.

JC didn't hesitate to say he have a bit of caste feeling. When asked if AP CM too have the same feeling, The MP replied, 'If I have, why doesn't Chandrababu have it?'. He stated Reddy's in Telugu States have been suffering because of Jagan. At the same time, He questioned how can Jagan be a Real Reddy when he changed his religion.

Clarifying that it's not true that all isn't well between Him and Paritala Ravi, JC pointed out Committees constituted after the death of MLA in 2005 couldn't find anything against him. He also offered clean chit to himself in Diwakar Travels bus mishaps and Clash with Airlines staff at Visakha airport.

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