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YS Jagan begins 'Reverse Operation Akarsh' in Andhra Pradesh

YCP chief YS Jagan has started Reverse Operation Akarsh in AP by attracting unhappy TDP leaders and also the leaders in Congress who have public support. Jagan has given the responsibility of Operation Akarsh to important YCP leaders. Jagan started this reverse operation from where TDP was started the operation. He now concentrated on Nandyal by elections especially on Silpa Mohan Reddy and brother to join YCP who didn't get Nandyal ticket in TDP. Same strategy is applied by Jagan in Kadapa. Jagan also concentrated on TDP MLAs who jumped from YCP but didn't get tickets. 

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నలుగురు కలిసినంతనే ఛాయ్ తాగుదాం భయ్ అన్న మాట హైదరాబాద్ లోని ప్రతి గల్లీలో...