KCR on About T-Congress Party Merge into TRS Party

KCR's political wizardy is fully in place while decimating the Congress in Telangana assembly. Once mighty Congress is now gasping for breath and is struggling to save itself in Telangana assembly. Instead of joining one or two MLAs from the Congress into the TRS, KCR patiently waited till the number of those wanting to join the TRS reached 13. If 13 members resolve that they are merging the party into the TRS, the other six MLAs will automatically become part of the TRS. Using the provision in the anti-defection law, which recognises the merger of the party into another if 2/3rds resolve to join, KCR wants to eat off the whole Congress legislature party.

He asked those who want to join to simply announce support to the Chief Minister and not formally join the TRS. This would not invite the provisions of anti-defection law. Once the required number is reached the defectors will resolve to merge in the TRS. By doing this, the majority faction can in fact suspend those who are refusing to  join the TRS. This way, KCR can solve lot of issues.

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