Shivaji Says He Is Not Fleeing In His New Video Bite!

Hero Shivaji suddenly grew in popularity with his Operation Garuda conspiracy theory and strong interviews pro-Special Status for Andhra Pradesh state.

He is reported to be fleeing after few details about his deal with TV9 Ex-CEO, Raviprakash, his close friend cand out. As this could be a criminal offense, he and Raviprakash are said to be going out of country too.

The actor finally spoke up in a new video byte and said that he is not fleeing. He said that he is taking rest at an undisclosed location for sun-stroke.

He warned those media people who are making a meal out of this controversy and said that they are living in ''glass'' chambers and when he retaliates they will face the brunt, severely.

He also revealed that Koushik Rao is unnecessarily targeting him and making a civil dispute between him and other parties as criminal case. He agreed that he made an agreement with Raviprakash in February, 2018 and revised it recently.

He revealed that he knows Rameswara Rao and met him for lunch couple times. He said that the Telangana Police are acting in accordance to politicians will as he did make big statements during Election campaigning.

He also evoked emotion that he is a settler in Telangana and hence, police filed a case immediately without proper evidence to arrest him. He repeated that the case is a civil one and it cannot be made into criminal one like many are claiming it to be.

He also said that how can a case be filed on an issue that is in the Court already? He asked the police on whose directive are they working.

He stated that he went to Tirupathi and also went for an acquisition of property and registration works. He said he is unable to travel long distances or come out due to sun stroke. He even showed his eyes in the camera saying that he campaigned in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu, which affected his health.

Anyways, the actor ended the video with a threat that people who are living in ''glass'' chambers should be afraid of his retaliation.

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