24 Kisses Hero Yells At Anchor In Live

During the promotional interview of '24 Kisses', Hero Adith Arun expressed his displeasure over Anchor's repetitive questions on the Liplocks.

When the Anchor wondered how many Women did he kiss apart from Hebah Patel, Adith Arun replied: 'See...You are asking the same f*****g thing. How many times would you keep asking about kissing? What do you want from Me? What more should I tell you? There are more things to ask'.

As the Anchor tried to cover up saying generally Heroes will have affairs with a lot of Women, Adith Arun got frustrated and got up from the chair to quit the interview mid-way. Then, The Anchor had apologized for what has happened. Adith Arun asked the Anchor whether he thinks Hero means someone who keeps f******g the girls? Anchor clarified that's not what he meant but tried to say affairs are common for celebs. Quickly, Adith Arun made it clear he isn't such kind of a person. He asked the Anchor if its right to ask anybody how many affairs he had. 'What if My Girlfriend listens all this stuff? Let's talk about the film not just about the kisses. I have already answered the question related to the kisses. Don't get too personal. Already, Hebah Patel was hurt with the questions she was asked during a news channel debate. Is it right to ask a Lady how was it kissing in a TV Show? You can ask, but do it in a sensible manner?'. 
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