Anil Ravipudi On About Movie With Mahesh Babu

Anil Ravipudi On About Movie With Mahesh Babu

Anil Ravipudi,Mahesh Babu

Anil Ravipudi's films are always filled with interesting characters and funny episodes. Mahesh wanted to try such a film after heavy films.

Srimanthudu success has made him  choose scripts that have similar style of social message and good boy characters.

Anil Ravipudi did not reveal anything about his film with Mahesh but at the success meet, he gave a promise to fans.

He said, "I received many messages from fans and I know how much they want to see Mahesh garu in a different avatar.

I can't reveal much about our film and to all those fans who are worried and who warned me, I am fan of Mahesh too.

I like to see him on screen in a massy and trendy avatar and more than that happy at the success meet like this.

I promise to you all that I will make a good film that will broaden his smile at the success meet of our film and make fans happy too.

Following up a big success like Maharshi is difficult but Mahesh garu has put a lot of trust in me and I will live up to it!"

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