Blackmailing! 'Give Your Trailer First To Us'

Give your trailer first to us, else get ready for negative talk on the trailer and film. Many media houses off late are resorting to such cheap blackmailing of the makers.

Especially, a section of media is very much showing its tantrums to producers and the film's unit. This is now putting a lot of pressure on the film's producers who are breaking their heads on how to deal with a section of media.

If a producer or hero buys into such requests of said media, they would in turn get flak from other media for not giving their trailer first and instead given the content first to their rivals. With this, many producers are worried lot and are avoiding media totally ahead of their trailer launches.

Recently, a film with star-studded cast has turned down one such proposal by a popular media house and after the trailer is out, the so has bashed the trailer. There are many such incidents off late. If anyone gives their trailer first to the said media, they would get very nice positive coverage on the trailer.

While small and medium budget films have no other option but to give into their unruly demands of some media outlets, big-budget films are avoiding unwanted controversies and are playing a safe bet.

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