Charmi Is Better Than Many Men, Says Jagan

Charmi Is Better Than Many Men, Says Jagan

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For a long time, various rumours are being heard about director Puri Jagan and heroine Charmi. Actually, this former heroine is now the caretaker of Jagan's production company as well as model management company. And then, she's executive producer of "Mehbooba" too.

Talking about Charmi at a press conference of Mehbooba, today Puri Jagan made an interesting remark on the actress. He said, "I like Charmi very much because she works better than many males. "Magallakantey baga work chestundi". Even when we're shooting at locations with minus temperatures, she used to take care of food and everything for all of us. Such a hard worker" stressed Puri.

And that explains how the director is actually using the services of the former heroine as an executive producer of this company. Insiders say that there is nothing actually going on between Charmi and Puri, like what outsiders and gossip mongers perceive.

And then Mehbooba trailer is talking volumes about Puri Jagan's hard-work. In this context, Puri revealed that Dil Raju's comment after watching the film made him happy. "So if you put your heart, then this the kind of output you'll deliver- Dil Raju said. And with Dil Raju releasing the movie, many distributors are expecting positive about the film" said Puri Jagan.

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