Comedian Prudhvi Comments That Industry Is Full Of 'Caste Fanatics'!

Comedian Prudhvi Comments That Industry Is Full Of 'Caste Fanatics'!

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Comedian and now, SVBC Chairman Prithvi who became famous after acting as a hero who can't even say a line properly even after being in Industry as famous star for 30 years.

He talked to famous channel about his journey and said, "Industry is full of caste fanatics. They don't mind of you're in success but they won't give you chances to prove yourself if you're not from their community.

"Earlier, even Sri Hari used to tell me to nod my head when people ask about my caste. Few sent me away after putting make-up on my face, knowing about my caste. I changed my name to Prithvi Raj and many thought I'm from Kshetriya community.  Krishnam Raju jokes that I fooled/cheated him with my name!"

Later he continued to say that he is not afraid of anyone and at the event of Sye Raa, he was with many people and as trolls thought, he did not get scared to face Pawan Kalyan.

He commented, "Megastar Chiranjeevi garu said that he always treats politics and film life differently and I follow that principle. For me, film life is different from political one. I am a hardcore fan of YSR and Jaganmohan Reddy, so I will stay with YCP forever. But that doesn't mean that I won't act in films. I did Sye Raa without any issue and tomorrow, I will act with Pawan Kalyan, if he does a film and I get a role, in that!"

He stated that young comedians are trying to be friends with heroes and that way are able to get offers. He aggressively said that he doesn't know how to use contacts like others but he is happy with the work, coming his way.

He thanked AP CM Jagan for giving him SVBC Chairman post and said that he spends most of his time in Tirumala, these days.

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