Dear Telugu Directors, Give Him Better Roles

Dear Telugu Directors, Give Him Better Roles

Telugu Directors,Rajeev Kanakala

There are many underrated actors and only a few of them regularly get opportunities. One such actor is none other than talented Rajeev Kanakala who is in the film industry since his childhood. And other day, he just flashed his brilliant acting prowess yet again.

In Mahesh Babu's Maharshi, Rajeev appeared in a brief role that barely gives him two proper scenes. He excels in that small role with negative touch quite easily and proved that he's someone who could be mould into any sort of character. While the audiences wanted more of him, the character got shrouded in the storyline.

Those who have seen Rajeev's portrayal are seen asking directors and filmmakers to give more roles to such a talented person. In fact, he deserves some strong villain roles opposite star Telugu heroes as he could seriously give a run for the money when given such challenges.

Like Rajeev, we have other talented actors like Brahmaji and Naresh who should be given some more serious and better roles.

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