Dil Raju Starts Promotions FOr F2 Movie

Dil Raju Starts Promotions FOr F2 Movie

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Sankranthi battle is no longer a big movie  royal rumble. Small and medium budget films are also trying to pack with enough punch and deliver a blow.

Dil Raju had a homerun with Shatamanan Bhavathi during 2017 Sankranthi when everyone thought battle is between Chiranjeevi and Balakrishna.

Again, Mega vs Nandamuri Sankranthi is here after 2 years. Now, Ram Charan is coming with Vinaya Vidheya Rama against Balakrishna's NTR biopic. Both films see constantly in demand and started promoting months before too.

F2 team even though it has another mega hero, Varun Tej and senior hero, Venkatesh who did have box office battles against Balakrishna and Chiranjeevi during Sankranthi before, did not start promotions early.

Dil Raju producer of the movie did not look to be the opener of the marketing innings but a good big cameo finisher kind of innings so that family audience will look at his film as an alternative Or necessary addition to the two biggies.

So, he is starting promotions exactly a month before with trailer on December 12th.

Venkatesh did end up giving two successful films with multi-starrers like Seethamma Vakitlo Srimalle Chettu and Gopala Gopala for two Sankranthi seasons. Let's see if he will be third time lucky and delivers a hattrick.

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