Kajal Came First, Bellamkonda Joined Next

Kajal Came First, Bellamkonda Joined Next

Kajal Agarwal,Bellamkonda Srinivas,Sita

Ever since the trailer of Teja's Sita movie got released, many wondered how a hero like Bellamkonda Srinivas who is always interested in save-the-world kind of roles, has actually agreed for this script that portrays him as an underdog. And many wondered if the director has actually tricked the hero into believing this script.

Talking about the same, director Teja revealed that actually, he has first locked the script and then Kajal Agarwal happened to have read it. Ever since she read it, she's hellbent to do Sita role and never made Teja search for an option. Now that Kajal is fixed, Teja is said to have looked for heroes who want to play that role and after lots of rejection finally, he got a 'yes' from Bellamkonda.

"Kajal is there on the board from Day 1 and it is Bellamkonda who joined later. Sita is more of Kajal's film but the hero's role will be quite interesting. You have to watch the film to know it" he says, adding that all of his film's heroines are always quite stronger and author backed.

On the other hand, Sita is evoking a super response from distributors due to its trailer and Teja has a lot of pressure now to perform well at the box office.

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