Kajal Got Bedridden For 3 Months! Why

Kajal Got Bedridden For 3 Months! Why

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While promoting 'Kavacham', Kajal Agarwal disclosed about the serious health issues she faced in the recent part. 'I was bedridden for three months early this year. By evening, I used to get fever and this kept happening for several days. Finally, I was diagnosed with immunity disorder. I was on strong medication and recovered at last. Nobody knows anything about my condition and what I had gone through during that phase,' she told media.

Do you know what's the nick name Kajal preferred for Bellamkonda Sai Sreenivas? It's Enthu Cutlet..which means Enthusiastic Cutlet. Why because, The Young Hero is so curious to know every aspect in detail.

Kajal and Sai Sreenivas have few things in common. They both wants to carve a niche for themselves with their hardwork. 'He never uses the name of his Father. Very down-to-earth..That's why I like him very much,' she adds.

The Senior Actress claims to be happy to know India Today included her name in the Power List.
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